Coins short-stay Prinsengracht 969

Coins Prinsengracht 969

She called me on the phone. Her breathing told me that she was walking around. She lost the way. ‘I am now on the new Prinsengracht’; she said. I responded; ‘You‘ve walk too far, come back, take the same route .’ ‘I’ll walk heading to you, I suppose that you‘re carrying a suitcase?’ (Her breathing told me so.) She laughed, yes she did. I‘ve to search for a women with a suitcase.

I saw her on the Amstelveld square. A bright, young woman started to wave back when I waved at her. It felt as a good friend and I finally found eachother. At the apartment, I gave her ‘the studio tour.’ Then the payment. She took out her money and graphed beautifully ordered coins in little pillars wrapped with scotch tape. I love little coins and look at her with a feeling that I already know her for years. Yes, these are the guests you want to have over!


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