Prince 969 studio Amsterdam


This charming and practical Prince 969 Studio is traditional Amsterdam accommodation that can lodge up to 2 guests, situated on the Prinsengracht, in the central Canal Belt of the city.

Prince 969 studio Amsterdam

Blending together a unique traditional Dutch flavor with modern and outstanding functionality, the Prince 969 Studio boasts marvelous features, solid furnitures and a particular attention to details that confers a special, exquisite taste to its interiors.

The wide open accommodative space hosts a double bed, arranged in a quiet and snug corner, in order to provide the maximum relax for a fulfilling sleep; a generous wooden wardrobe separates the sleeping area from the main living unit, the latter supplied with a large couch and embellished with a lightweight carpet.

The original dining area is well allocated at the large bright window, offering a wonderful view over the city centre’s canal while enjoying your home cooked daily breakfast or dinner.
The bathroom is elegantly equipped with all the necessary facilities aimed at ensuring uttermost privacy and hygiene.

Surely perfect for those couples willing to take the maximum pleasure from a romantic sojourn in Amsterdam, the Prince Studio 969 will never disappoint your expectations and will guarantee a truly memorable stay.


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